Great Yarn & Woolly Goods Since '04

For almost twenty years, our small flock of named Shetlands live out their lives simply on our farm.  Grazing in our pasture (where we use no chemicals or fertilizers), tended to by us, and gently sheared once a year by our Grantsburg Wisconsin shearer.  Each of our yarns hold labels with the names of the sheep involved in the yarn.  


Tinshack Co. offers a wide range of naturally colored 100% Shetland wool roving and yarns from our flock.  Additionally, we offer hand knit warm gear and accessories made from our yarn.

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Our Flock

From our first cozy home--the original "Tinshack" nestled on our farm in east central  Minnesota, we embarked on a journey that included the acquisition  of two beautiful Shetland ewes named Frances and Freckles.